Geek Goddess…

This blog has been privvy to a few confessional posts, but it’s time for a planet-shattering admission. Mea Culpa. Yep. MeCulpable. I’m guilty, I admit. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally realised that I’m afflicted with  an uncommon strain of geekdom.

It’s so unfair…why couldn’t I have been whacked with the virtuouso stick, or infected with the cheerleader gene..? Oh no – the powers that be (presumably on a distant planet in a far flung galaxy) decided it was geek or nothing. Why the hell didn’t they bother to tell me?

I know, you are all probably rolling your eyes and wondering why someone who writes a real world blog that is about privatisation and other business boredoms, is hiding her inner geek behind a po-faced exterior. OK, I like science fiction and banking, but the two are not mutually exclusive, especially in today’s economy! It’s been a real shock for me!  I work up this morning and suddenly I knew what ‘cloud’ computing was. And no, it does NOT mean leaving your laptop in the rain! Moreover…yes, that was a word with 3 syllables. I might be a geek, but that doesn’t mean I grunt in binary…! More-o-ver…I actually know how to use social media…I have twits following me and I know my KLOUT score from my clobber. I want a Star Trek dressing gown and a Princess Leia beanie..and I’m excited about the prospect of zombie computing…and the fact that we are now able to send a satellite to photograph the surface of Mercury.  Oh, and of course I loved Avatar and the remake of Tron. Yeah, smug married people…you try and put that on a profile and avoid the serial killers and the role-playing afficianados!

There is only one answer. Either I am in the throes of a deeply disturbing phsychotrophic crisis (a la Matrix) or else I should just embrace my inner geek and get with the IT programme…hmmm, perhaps is that the microchip in my head talking? Whatever, Schmatever! According to the aforementioned powers that be…it’s the geek who will inherit the earth!  You have been warned.

This post was inspired by ThinkGeek. And yes…I do want the Star Trek dressing gown…

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