Size matters…

Apparently hand size is really important if you’re a bloke, but presumably not if you are an accountant as they always seem to have small digits…The better to count money with, albeit no guarantee of romantic success.  Being an accountant, I mean!  

The fact is most men are of average endowment regardless of how big other parts of them are. And that includes their egos… No, I haven’t been using a tape measure, I have this on good authority from a friend who is a nurse! Sorry chaps, but not everyone can be Ron Jeremy, and not every woman wants someone who needs longer shorts because of their shoe size!

I will admit that size matters to me.  But before all the men who read this go scurrying off to stroke their…um…egos, let me just say that I’m talking cerebrally here!  Like most of the independently-minded women I know, there is a list of desireable characteristics that make the difference between Mr Right and Mr Wrong-on-so-many-levels…you know, the ones that we tick off mentally before the man in question has had the time to open his mouth and ruin it all.  

My requirements are fairly simple…tall…younger…own hair and teeth…you get the picture.  But my particular kryptonite happens to be intelligence.   For me, brains and all the above in one package is a particularly devastating combination.  Add a fair dollop of wry humour and a generous spirit, and I’m probably putty by the end of the evening…or slutty…but only if they happen to have a six-figure IQ!

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