In the running…

It was one of those days that I took a very hard look in the mirror and knew that something fundamental had to change. So, instead of drowning my sadness in a glass of red wine (usually my preferred option) I put on my trainers and went for a run…

What makes this blogworthy, is that I’ve discovered that I can actually run 5 miles (about 8 km) without stopping.  Slowly. Steadily. A small, but significant accomplishment. Especially since I’m not exactly built like an athlete.  Well, I have a pair of legs, but that’s where the similarity ends…

More surprisingly, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy running. O.M.G.!  did I actually write that?  OK, let me be honest here…the first 20 minutes are always agony and I keep hoping that the NRLI will actually ignore the drowning people and be on standby in case I collapse outside the lifeboat station… No such luck!

Still, once I get past that landmark, and head along the open stretch of coast between my home town and the next village, my head empties and I actually begin to enjoy the experience. I know it’s probably the endorphins kicking in, but somehow running makes me feel good in a whole new way.  For an hour, I can forget about my worries, and just be. Nothing but me, the sea and my iPod.

Of course, being a goal-oriented individual, I’ve decided that 5 miles isn’t enough, and I’m now in training to see if I can actually reach the 13 mile (20 km) mark.  Who am I competing against?  Myself. Will I get there?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I’m in the running… And I am definitely going to have a good time trying.

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