Truth or consequence…

Truth is relative.  A few  months ago, compelled by a need to be true to myself, I revealed something little known, but much suspected.  It cost me dearly…the love of someone I adored, the loss of myself. Well… the loss of my former self. I am different now. Still, it was a heavy price to pay. I feel the consequences every day.

As human beings, we often say ‘be honest’ when honesty is the last thing we want. I’ve realised perfectly sane, intelligent  people are happy to accept and to live lies because that is better than facing the consequences that arise from the truth. Of course, truth depends on who is telling it.  It’s not an absolute, simply a perspective. You cannot argue with facts in the same way you dispute versions of the truth.

My favourite role model, Einstein (love him and if he was alive would have his children!) once said: ‘Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters’.  I think he’s saying that we need to be honest in the small and big events of our lives, even if that honesty brings consequence. And…I guess he’s making the point that people who cannot be trusted will betray you in tiny increments. The first cut won’t hurt at all, the second only makes you wonder!  Less said about that, soonest mended.

I tell the truth, because I think it’s important to accept responsibility for our actions. Our integrity depends on our willingness to own up for the decisions we make.  We have to face the truth – even if it’s unpalatable – and live with the results. Quid pro Quo.  Truth and consequence.