A few people I know are having a mid-life crisis.  This is evident from their interests. If they are female – in botox and butt surgery. If they are male – sportscars or other unsuitable hobbies seem to be prevalent- some of which involve other people and chest wigs, but not necessarily in that order. 

I managed to get my own crisis out of the way when I was 25, and that sort of thing was fashionable.  Besides, existential angst isn’t attractive when you are over 30. And it causes wrinkles.  So I hoped I had managed to avoid it. Yep, people make plans. God just laughs. So anyway,  I have a sneaking suspicion that I might not be myself of late.  In fact, I think I am probably re-incarnating as a teenage boy.

What evidence do I have for this apparent transformation?

Well, amongst other things…I am wildly excited that they are releasing a remake of the original gamers movie – T.R.O.N.  We never even owned a Playstation when I was growing up, so where this has come from is anyone’s guess.  I’ve started surfing lessons (cue ‘unsuitable hobby’). Also, I am surgically attached to my ipod touch. And I’ve started listening to louche rockbands and having an overwhelming desire to sleep late and mooch around the house on the weekend instead of being a grown up and doing my chores like I know I’m supposed to.

Of course, all of this is really distressing. I’d much rather re-incarnate as Sugababe than a Sugar boy! It’s when I start wearing baggy jeans that hang down my butt, I’ll know I’m in real trouble.