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30 Day Challenge

Friday. For most of the last 2 years Friday’s were either spent travelling to Belgium or waiting for The Belgian to make it back to Blighty. Friday marked the end of a busy working week and the start of weekend adventures – home or abroad. While I’m having some downtime between assignments, Friday is still a good day to mark the close of ‘work’ and the beginning of ‘play’.

Mental White Space…


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30 Day Challenge…

Day #8. Blank. There are times in life when my brain hurts from over-thinking. You know, those times when the last thing you want comes in first, and the demons of the wee small hours make your best laid plans seem like a gourmet recipe for disaster. I’m in serious need of some mental white space today.


30 Day Challenge

Day #7. Music. To be honest, this could be every single day of the challenge. I love all sorts of music – so eclectic is my taste that I have thoroughly confused the ITunes algorithm. I blogged about this in an earlier post which you can read here.

So, instead of a picture, today’s accompaniment is simply a song…by one of my bands of the moment. The words describe perfectly how I feel when music moves me.

Amber Run




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30 Day Challenge

Day #6. Spade. I love gardening but thanks to a hectic schedule and bi-coastal living arrangements my poor garden is in a sorry state. Today I began the task of getting it ready for the Summer. I’m planting Verbena – a blousy perennial that loves the coastal reaches and flowers through the summer and into the autumn. Doesn’t look like much but it will.



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30 Day Challenge

Day#5. Weskus. Today, I’m missing my roots and in unusually contemplative mood. Unlike Isak Dinesen, I don’t have a farm in Africa, but I do have a patch of land that keeps me tied to a fabulous spot on a great continent. In the ups and downs of the last 10 years, I have been close to having to sell it many times, but somehow it stayed with me because I could not let it go. It was mine, wholly and truly. This year, although I don’t need to sell it, I will – with a smidgeon of reluctance and a dash of bitter-sweet sadness. I am saying goodbye to my little piece of the West Coast so that someone else can realise their dreams by buying my plot. I promise to visit there one more time before I do.



Image: Chiromancer

30 Day Challenge: 

Day #1. Mackerel. I’m marrying a man who loves fish. His dad was a fisherman so it’s in his genes. Which means The Belgian can catch, fillet and cook his supper. Every Saturday that we are in Bruges we head to the fish market and decide on dinner. Tonight it’s a rather underestimated fish. It tastes better fresh than smoked.  

30 day challenge…


Periodically, I try to give my sometimes absent – nowadays, often – muse a challenge, to motivate myself to write about various topics. I am a storyteller, after all!!  Especially when my head becomes too crowded for sensible thought.  Social media is a strict task-master, so I find myself penning epigrams on FaceBook instead of practicing my blog craft as I should. My most recent wheeze is to challenge myself to 1) take a picture that represents my day and 2) to write a few short sentences that explain the context.  This is just a heads up to my friends, followers and fellow bloggers. It’s my life, I’m grateful to be able to share it with you. For the next 30 days, and not necessarily in chronological order, I’m going to post a picture and a few accompanying sentences on the context. Let me know what you think.