Where there’s a spark…


So, you’d either have to be a Tibetan Monk or severely media deprived if Tinder means nothing to you.  Smartphones have revolutionised my life, and Tinder – along with Shazam and RingGo is rapidly becoming one of my most fave apps. Ever!

Now, I’m one of those women who has assiduously avoided Internet dating. I’m busy and don’t have time for a 2nd full-time job!  I’d like to use my weekends doing things in the real world, and if I happen to meet Mr.Unique, then fab. But on a whim, I signed up for Tinder on a night when I was once again travelling for work. Yep. Time alone in a hotel room, and no alcohol can drive even a sane woman to desperate measures. So I thought…how bad could it really be?

Bad…Apart from providing a ready supply of laughs – yes chaps, some of those pics are truly cringeworthy – Tinder has had an unexpected side effect. It’s providing real insight into the male psyche and I am definitely having a T.M.I. moment!  Depending on where you are in the country, single men are either called Darren or Paul. Most men over 40 don’t have their own hair and teeth and have clearly lied about their age! And a large majority think that posting pictures of their car and house is going to make up for their shortcomings in the looks department. As if women are shallow enough to be impressed by that Lamborghini. Looks yes, fast cars…not so much. And I haven’t even got onto the freaks and weirdo’s yet. So, Mark. 44. Married. – somehow I don’t think it’s a penpal you’re after!

And surprisingly…Good. Tinder takes all the malarkey out of mating. You like, you don’t like. It’s a bit like an Internet pub. You fancy someone, they fancy you. Ba-da-bing! And after a long time of feeling like I’d become invisible, suddenly I’m making matches with all sorts of interesting people. It’s truly a boost to female self-esteem and quite liberating. Maybe Mr. Unique isn’t so far away after all!

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