Wu Wei…

Sometimes in life, the real art is in knowing when to act and when to be still.  Earlier this year, I suffered a health scare, and needed surgery.  It was a real eye opener. It was also time to be still…

Those of you who follow my real-world blog will know I carve a living in the corporate world. I’ve spent the last eighteen months pulling 18 hr days, while travelling extensively for a global client. I love what I do.  In my working life I am decisive and action-oriented, so you can imagine how thrilled I was at the prospect of having to take time off to lie down and recuperate, not to mention the thought that I might not be well enough to continue pursuing my business interests!

Faced with the prospect of an uncertain outcome – was it cancer or wasn’t it –  I had to put my affairs in order and get my head – and my heart – in the right place. Like I said, it was time to be still. So, I took time off work and went to hospital. Crisis is good that way – it tends to focus the mind on the important things!   Anyway, I woke from the anaesthetic like a newborn – suddenly everything seemed fresh and precious.  I certainly had a lot more clarity.   I also got the all clear, which was the best news ever!

Since then, I’ve spent the past few months thinking deeply about my life and what I want from it.  In some ways,  it feels as though I’ve undergone a sort of emotional hibernation.  Not acting, just waiting. Thinking and being still.  This  had a number of unexpected side effects… Worst of all, my blog muse just upped sticks and went on a six month bender…

Life ebbs and flows. Stillness is followed by action. So, it’s time for a change on all fronts. Even the edge of the pier.

This is a heads up that the blog is changing homes. From now on, if you’d like to follow Pier Point, you can find it here: edgeofthepier.wordpress.com

It feels good to be moving forward again.

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