Put out more flags…

In my part of the coastal boondocks we are very excited because a rather large golf tournament is taking place in the neighbouring town.  Apart from the much needed injection of cash for the local economy, and the fact that many people have been inundated with visits from distant relatives with a fetish for sticks and small balls, this sporting fixture of note has meant access roads & short cuts to and from the Golf Open are subject to traffic restrictions. 

To help residents get over the shock, we’ve all been given bright orange car badges, that say ‘LR’.  These identify us as locals, and give us right of way over journalists, sneaky golf lovers and out-of-towners. The effect has been curious.  Weirdly some sort of cameraderie has developed – people who don’t know each smile, wave and let other vehicles bearing the LR insignia go first at a junction.  Actually, its the same as when it snows heavily in London and no one goes to work – everyone gets all Christmassy and starts performing random acts of loveliness.

It got me thinking…if a small square of orange plastic could create such profound change, wouldn’t it be great if we had a sticker system for life…?

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