Mind the gap…

If it’s true that  women mature faster than men, I’ve never understood why sensible, intelligent females go for the equivalent of the grey gorilla…i.e. older men. They smell and are hairy!  OK, I get why a male mid life crisis involves a sports car, a blonde with pneumatic breats and botox. Mid life crisis women are a bit more selective…a blonde, with pecs…sports car is optional!

Personally, I’ve always preferred men younger than me. Why? Well apart from the obvious – I’m in my sexual prime, men my age are in decline – younger men are more fun. They don’t have baggage. Not an ex-wife or step-child in sight. They have no sexual inhibitions.  And actually, they are really grateful if you sleep with them – they know you aren’t going to have that ‘how was it for you’  or that ‘what are you thinking’ conversation. What they don’t realise is that you don’t care – you’ve had sex, and now you just want to get home and sleep in your own bed!

Besides, older men (in the UK anyway) imagine that you, as a single, professional, female must be so desperate for attention (wrong – on so many levels!) that you are grateful if they pay you a compliment. Oh hallo!  If it was a choice between poking my eyes out or being poked by you, I’d rather be blind!

So, there you have it. Men without their own hair and teeth need not apply!

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