I have decided I am definitely the bad seed. Why? Well, for starters, I am soooo…grumpy!!  If the gods that currently prevail – Internet, Mammon and Ohm..or is that OMG! I’ve won a computer for being the 1,001,979th person on the internet!!! – were to conduct a poll, they would find that my responses could be filed in the ‘mostly’ category. As in ‘Mostly Grumpy’…

It’s true. These days. Mostly. I’m grumpy! I’m writing an Msc dissertation. It’s a big deal. I’m sleep deprived… It’s important to me. It makes me like a bear with a sore head. Grizzly! Still, there are floods in Pakistan and terror in the Western World.  I have no excuse other  than nature. Yep, it happens to be genetic!  My sisters and I share a common characteristic. We are not what you would call ‘morning’ people…We wake up, we nod, we need our tea… Beyond that, if you are expecting erudite conversation – forget it!!  That is a pleasure only scheduled for p.m. hours and good lovers…

This is a familial trait that has been commented on by boyfriends (ex and present), husbands, friends and our own mother, who (bless her cotton socks) has been gifted with an astounding ability to be alert at 5.30 a.m….Yes readers, you heard me right – 5.30 a.m.!! Before sparrows have a chance to break wind, never mind sing!!  How on earth has she coped with a family of Owls? 

Now don’t get me wrong…if there is a special purpose we – my siblings and I –  can gee ourselves up to be ‘ok’ in the morning. We’ve climbed mountains, trekked Nepal and surfed South America on this particular vibe… but otherwise – WE JUST NEED OUR SPACE !  AND OUR TEA!!  AND TO BE LEFT ALONE!!! My long-suffering brothers-in-law J and M will be nodding at this point!

Clearly my sisters and I have inherited the paternal gene.  Though of course this is now spreading through the family – apparently my lovely nephew is also grizzly in the a.m….hmmm, he sort of looks like me…Is this Karma keeping time?  I wonder!  Mostly.  But not often…

1 thought on “Mostly…”

  1. Reading this at 9:03am Saturday morning, with my coffee, nodding in agreement and grunting responses to questions my ever patient husband is asking.

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