Killer App…

I love my ipod Touch.  Not only can I load all of the 500 CDs I own onto this small object of beauty, I have discovered a new source of pleasure. Apps!  Who knew there were so many ways to channel one’s inner geek…

I sail, so I have the ‘Tidal prediction’ App, which shows tide tables for every known port in the world.(You never know when your ship might come in, but I’m holding out for the Bahamas). And I’m a practical kinda gal so I have the ‘Spirit level’ App (Yes, that would be my Virgo tendencies emerging). Of course the ‘Measurement conversion’ App really does sort the Dicks from the Toms and Harries.(Gosh darling, didn’t realise 6 centimetres was the same in inches!)

Actually, after recent romantic misadventures, I’d like to see the istore create the ‘Manometer’.  This is an App which emits a loud warning siren when you are in close proximity to a narcissistic egomaniac who thinks he’s god’s gift to womankind. Works just the same for habitual philanderers! And, it comes preloaded with a ringtone that sounds curiously like your mobile phone, allowing you to exit stage left when the dire conversation makes you want to stick needles in your eyes rather than continue smiling through gritted teeth. Handily, this App can also scan any prospective romantic interest and tell you whether he’s all mouth and no trousers, or whether the attributes match the patter. Now that really is an App to die for…

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