Things that make you go ha…

It’s dinner time, and I have just finished listening to Laura Solon, a really funny comedienne on R4. After today’s episode,  I am sure my neighbours think I am a lunatic…if they don’t, they probably will after all the maniacal laughter that’s been emanating from my kitchen. Of course, I do realise that my sense of humour is what helps me laugh at what it prevents me from having. You know…a normal life…2.4 kids, pets, a husband and a station wagon. Ha, ha, ha…

Laughter is good for the soul but not everyone finds the same things funny.  Personally, I cannot stand Ben Stiller films (though Zoolander might be a notable exception) and modern Hollywood comedy leaves me cold. Please bin those rubbish films like ‘Knocked up’ and ’40 year old virgin’.  Utter dumbassery (as a good friend of mine would say)! I also must be the only person in England who hated (and I say this unreservedly) – H.A.T.E.D.- ‘Four Weddings and a funeral’ – not funny, just stupid and stereotypical!  Cheese-fest, deluxe.  Give me a Chuck Norris film any day!

As you’ve probably sussed by now, my particular laughing gas is wit. So, what makes me smile:

1. Well-honed political satire, word-play and intelligent slapstick! Dry humour a la Paul Merton or Jack Dee, or really interesting stuff  like Monty Python.Having said that, I’ve never really got Reeves and Mortimer.  And I must draw the line at League of Gentlemen – that just brings disturbing to a whole new level. 

2. Rude-ish limericks! an old English tradition. One of my great loves captured my heart when he told me a very rude – but very erudite – joke – I’ve never forgotten it, and it still makes me chuckle even after 20 years!

3. Silly things.  I know, I know…I’ve been deriding ‘stupidity’ but the Cravendale advert on TV (the one with the lucky packet cows and plastic model footballers) is sheer genius. Milk! Milk!  Watch the ads if you want to understand the punchline. Same goes for Laurel and Hardy.

4. I laugh when really arrogant people fall off their perches in a big way. Simon Cowell, I am still waiting, but my friend Nubian is probably going to slap you with her Louboutin’s one day soon, so you have been warned! And yes, Gordo, I will laugh when you lose the next election and get tried for war crimes along with your pal Tone.

By this point, my dark soul is probably emerging – roused by the laughter, no doubt.  So its time to sign off, but I’m curious.  What makes you chuckle, laugh, roar…answers on a comment pls.

3 thoughts on “Things that make you go ha…”

  1. Amen Sister! Simon Cowell is a bulimics finger! Don't know if I dare damage the Louboutins, but maybe a two finger bitch slap – he isn't worth the whole hand. What makes me laugh? Your posts and wit, my sons sarcasm, my husband being goofy, Eddie Izzard, John Stewart and the Daily Show and my flavor of the month – America at its finest!

  2. My stomach has been hurting since I've been streaming "The IT Crowd" on Netflix. Season 3 especially is a laugh riot. Even after 20 years, The Simpsons is still some of the best satire.

  3. Hmmmmm, I like goofy Hollywood movies (I know, the bane of your existence!) like "Dodgeball" and "The Wedding Crashers." Yes, Vince Vaughn in certain situations makes me split my sides with laughter. His timing and the way he phrases things does it for me. Irreverent and off-color humor by guys like George Carlin or Rodney Carrington also brings a tear to my eye. I go to daily and laugh at some of the links they post, too. I gotta agree with Doug- The Simpsons is some of the best stuff on TV. So "clever" that even Bob would be proud! 🙂

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