25 Things you need to know…

1. I am happiest near water. Depending on the hemisphere, that’s the West Coast in South Africa and the South Coast in Blighty.

2. I’ve secretly wanted to be a screenwriter. Actually, not so secretly…I’ve already written a screenplay called ‘Big Top’ and I’m trying to figure out how to get it made into a film. Pixar, are you listening?

3.I’ve realised that life NEVER works out how you’ve planned it. All you can do is to embrace change rather than wrestle with it…

4. I want to keep travelling. So much of the world to see.

5. I was once the guest gargler in an orchestra. Yes, this did involve a glass of water and a microphone.

6. I’d like to make it compulsory for people to vote in the UK. Apathy is the reason we are stuck with the politicians and government we currently have.

7. I have an inappropriate crush on McFly! Love their music and would snog each and every one of them if I was still 17.

8. I’ve cherished an ambition to be an astronaut. Clearly watched too much 70’s Sci-Fi in my youth, but I like to think it’s because of my pioneering spirit that I want to search for alien life beyond our solar system.

9. I’ve never understood how believers use religion to justify cruelty, abuse or bloodshed.

10. I cannot bear to see animals in pain, or being treated badly. Yes, it’s impossible for me to watch ‘Animal Rescue’ without crying.

11. I love singing, even though I have a voice like a drain.

12. I have a low tolerance for those e-grade celebrities who grace our media with almost inevitable regularity. Girls, we need better role models that zero talent wannabees.

13. I dislike Brussels Sprouts intensely. Devil’s testicles!

14. As I get older, I realise I have less respect for authority. No doubt I will be a fully fledged rebel by the time I collect my pension.

15. I think that love is probably the most important reason to do anything in life – it’s also the craziest!

16. I am a humanist. Despite this, I respect other people’s religious views. If it works for you that’s cool, just don’t try to convert me!

17. I want to be cremated when I die. I am also an organ donor – I’ve bequeathed everything except my liver (see point #18) to the NHS!

18.. I love wine! I should probably have married that wine farmer when I had the chance all those years ago…

19. I think my sisters are two of the most amazing people on the planet. It’s been my privilege to watch them grow up!

20. I am scared of heights. This is why I deliberately make myself climb mountains and go on rollercoasters. Well, you’ve gotta face your fears in order to overcome them…

21. One of my favourite things to do is to cook for other people.

22. I am an unrepentant carnivore. Well really, no one has ever heard of a Tofudebeest, have they? (Sorry Veggies)

23. I love dry humour, but really silly things make me laugh uproariously.

24. I enjoy gardening, but I’m not so sure about the mutant slugs that inhabit my patch of green.

25. My first experience of a naked man was in my life drawing class at Art School. Didn’t know where to look…

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